Translation, Localization, and Multilingual DTP Services

Professional Translation and Typesetting (DTP) Freelancer located in Morocco. Provide translation and Multilingual Desktop publishing services including document translation, proofreading, transcription, localization and DTP in most Asian and European languages.


CAT translation (Trados®) & DTP software

We use all major Desktop Publishing packages including Adobe InDesign ME, QuarkXPress + ArabicXT, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word; CAT tools including Trados; and many other utilities and software packages.

  • Edit and treat text in many languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and many Indian scripts written from right to left and/or Roman text (written from left to right) within the same paragraph, character, story and table. Easily mix Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right words, paragraphs and stories within a same document.
  • Using ArabicXT in conjunction with QuarkXPress, we can publish in Arabic and create bi-directional page layouts, producing top-quality professional Arabic and Latin publications.
  • SDL Trados is a computer-assisted translation software suite, allowing translating files, creating and managing translation memories, for automated project creation and automated translation.
    With the help of TRADOS (Translation Memory Software), the Desktop Publishing part of a translation project now takes a lot less time and money.

We can help you adapt your products and services to Arabic speaking Middle East market, insuring translation quality, accuracy and cultural compatibility.


Full range of localization services


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